Saturday, May 5, 2007

A Time for Quilts!

I don't know about any of you, but when I see a quilt, I see artsmanship, and patience! How could anyone spend that much time on something, that would not stay together, with the wear and tear of life! But then I get a comment, that Quilts have been a part of our heritage, for centuries! Caroline Ingalls, made quilts, her daughters Mary and Laura, spent their Sunday afternoons, pieced their pieces, by HAND! Today we have the convenience of a sewing machine. Ma Ingalls didn't get that, until Mary was going off to college, and Laura was getting married! But in Little House in the Big Woods, you hear of Laura making a Bear Paw quilt. What girl has that talent now, of even sitting long enough, let alone sewing by hand, the beautiful quilt I imagine it was, later on.
Quilts are a part of a grandmother's gift to a granddaughter, on her wedding day. Or a mother, handing down a quilt, from her past. Or finding an antique somewhere in a musty closet. I found a beautiful appliqued quilt, in a closet, that my great great great grandmother made, all by HAND! Amazing! We have it hanging up, in our living room, at this moment. I think that quilts add character to a room.
Also, quilts have sentimental value. If someone died who was a friend of yours, and the last thing she made for you, was a beautiful log cabin quilt, you would not get rid of it, for the life of you, even if it is not the most decorous thing, to go with your decor. Put it in a small room, where it will be enjoyed by only you, and remember the sweet memories of that person, and the wonderful times. Quilts leave memories, that are hard to forget!
So, if ever you find a quilt in a closet, don't put it in the thriftstore stuff, put it aside, and if it needs to be repared then repare it. Add your own unique things to it, and make it all yours, retaining the memories. The person whose closet it is, ask them who made it, and if they don't know, then find someone who does. You never know, it might come from the Civil War!
So, a time for Quilts! Quilts to decorate the bedroom, the living room, the balcony of a home, or, just hang on the wall, somewhere. Do not ignore the simple decor that goes with the quilts. It adds a homeyness to it. God bless those whose hands have made them!
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Show me Thy Ways!
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