Saturday, September 22, 2007

Praying Saints....

I need the saints to pray....

We have been told that we need to move from the house we are living in currently. The landlord wants to move back in, and therefore, we are in a tight spot.

We have not funds, or money or a place to put down new roots. We are well established in our home, and find it hard to think of relocating or living in a strange new place.

On top of that, we have my Dad's parents living with us, which makes this twice as hard, and perplexing to us, too.

My Dad feels that to be near my married sister Sarah, and her husband Clay, and their son, Gabriel is the wisest choice, but at present, there is no home for us there. Clay is still building his home, and it would not be big enough to fit us all. At present they are living with his parents while he builds their house!

I would like to ask the saints to pray that the Lord would grant us the wisdom to find the right course of action, and pursue the means to buy our own place! We are homechurchers and have not the support of brethern in a church. We need some advice, and counsel, and prayer that the Lord would be there, and that he would provide for our needs!
Until next time,
Perennial Pioneer

Monday, September 17, 2007

Co Author needed!?

I am needing a co author, or an editor, for a historical fiction book I have been writing. I am in my first draft, and need either a Co author, or editor.

If you wish to help out, I would be most grateful. I will post a sampling of the story, on Cara Ashley, for your consideration!

Thankyou, and God bless!
Only serious writers please!

Perennial Pioneer

Need Ideas!

I need ideas for homebusinesses. Can you help with this? I am working on a huge project, for the whole family to participate, and need the funds for it. Please help with ideas!

Perennial Pioneer

Show me Thy Ways!

Show me Thy Ways!
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