Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Letting Jesus Shine in 2009!

Greetings to you all, this fine 2009! Many things have taken place since writing here last! First off, we sold the Munchbar business to a good christian family!

Next, in July, I went to stay with my aunt and uncle for three months. I spent time with my married sister and family, and helped with Vacation Bible School, helping with a yard sale, and then went to Silverwood Amusement Park! My brother in law had me try shooting a gun for the first time, and my aunt took me out driving many times, and helped me with my new wardrobe. I helped out with helping my brother in law get more of his house done.

In October, after returning home, I resumed my job of taking care of my grandparents, who are in need of assistance! They are doing well, as well as can be expected for being older, and needing care.

Time went by, and my family got into an investing program, and then we got ready for Thanksgiving. My family has been very good this past while!

In December, I entered into a courtship, with a young man from Wisconsin, but it didn't last long. I didn't feel a connection, which is supposed to happen, when you meet your potential mate. My sister Sarah and her husband, came over for Christmas, and brought my nephew with them. We spent a week of visiting, while Clay built a handicapped ramp, off the front of our porch.

In 2009, this year promises to be a good one! First off, my sister Becca's husband is going to be leaving for Montana, to fight fires. She will have no one to stay with her, so she asked me to stay with her for the Summer. Then, after that, a friend of mine would like me to come and stay with her, until she gets married! I hope that it will work out for her!

This year, I intend to be a light for Jesus, in whatever I do!

Until next time,
The Perennial Pioneer

Show me Thy Ways!

Show me Thy Ways!
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