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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Facing the Giants

Facing the Giants - Nothing is Impossible with God

Facing the Giants:

Completely by Ana Laura

Facing the Giants:

Completely by Ana Laura

This song was in the Movie, Facing the Giants! The woman in the movie had been wanting to be pregnant for along time, but never had the chance too. She feels sick to her stomack, and thinks she has eaten something bad. She goes to the doctor, wishing she was pregnant. She and her husband were trying for four years. And, after the nurse gave her the sad news, she was not pregnant, she felt disappointment. But she says, I will still love you, Lord!

The nurse finds out she had the wrong chart, and rushes out to tell her. Yes, you guessed it, she was pregnant! Hallelujah! I cry everytime I see this part of the Movie. A must for the entire family!

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Poetry and Prose

The Blessing in “No”>>
I asked God to take away my pride.>
God said “No”. It is not for me to take away,>
but for you to give up.>>

I asked God to make my handicapped child whole.
>God said, “No”. Her spirit is whole;
>her body is only temporary.>

>I asked God to grant me patience.
>He said, “No”. Patience is a by product of tribulations;
>it isn’t granted - it is earned.>

>I asked God to give me happiness.>
He replied, “No”. I give blessings;
>happiness is up to you.>

>I asked Him to spare me pain.
>He said, “No”. Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares
>and brings you closer to Me.>

>I asked Him to make my spirit grow.
>God said, “No”. You must grow on your own,
>but I will prune you to make you fruitful.>

>I asked for all things that I might enjoy life.
>He replied, “No”. I will give you life>that you may enjoy all things.>
>I asked Him to help me love others as much as He loves me.
>God said, “Ahhhh, my child, finally you have asked aright.

It’s Not Always Easy>
>It’s not always easy to smile and be nice>
When we are called to sacrifice.>>

It’s not always easy to put others first
>Especially when tired and feeling our worst.>

>It’s not always easy to do the Father’s will;
>It wasn’t so easy to climb Calvary’s hill.>

>But we as His children should learn to obey>
Not seeking our own but seeking His way.>

>It’s not always easy to fight the good fight
>But it is always good and it is always right.>>-
Glenda Fulton Davis>>>>>>

Lord, grant me the gift>
of a bright, happy spirit>
that joyfully faces each day –
>A spirit that’s loving>
and gently shines through>
in actions and each word I say.>~
Emily Matthews>>>>>>

My Kingdom>>
I’m queen of a beautiful kingdom,>
God gave it to me for my own,>
My castle’s a rambling old farm house>
A low rocking chair is my throne.>
My subjects are dear little children>
Who willingly come at my call,>
The king is the husband and father>
Who furnishes bread for us all.>
Sometimes when I mend little stockings>
Or hear a short prayer at my knee>
I marvel that God in His wisdom>
Presented this kingdom to me.>
I often feel weak and unworthy>
To guild little feet that may roam,>
To keep them all safe and contented>
In our beautiful kingdom called “Home.”>
>-Author unknown-

Be like a watch! Have an open face, busy hands,
>full of good works, pure gold and well regulated.
God is for us – that is good.>
God is with us – that is better.>
God is in us – that is best.
To the preacher, life’s a sermon,>
To the joker, life’s a jest,>
To the miser, life is money,>
To the loafer, life is rest.>>
To the soldier life’s a battle,>
To the teacher, life’s a school,>
Life’s a great thing to the thinker,>
But it’s folly to the fool.>>
Life is just one long vacation,>
To the man who loves his work>
But it’s constant dodging duty>
to the everlasting shirk.>>
To the faithful earnest worker>
Life’s a story ever new>
Life is what you make it>
What is life to you.>


Grace Alone>>
Not saved are we by tying, from self can come no aid.>
‘Tis on the blood relying, once for our ransom paid.>
‘Tis looking unto Jesus, the holy one and just,>
‘Tis His blood that saves me, it is not try but trust.>>>>>~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~.~*~>>>

“ Oh, the joy of Trusting Jesus, trusting where we cannot trace; Leaning >
hard upon his promise, proving His sufficient Grace.>
>Katie V. Hall

“Today isn’t won by old victories, nor lost by old defeats.”

Some live as if life would never end>
and the next would never start.>
This verse spells VALENTINE, in capital letters. Look see!
"For God so loVed the world,>
That He gAve>
His onLy>
That whoever>
Believeth In Him>
Should Not perish,>
But have Everlasting life.">John 3:16

Worth of TIME
To realize the value of a sister
Ask someone who doesn't have one.

To realize the value of eighteen years:Ask a parent of a happy young adult.
To realize the value of four years:Ask a graduate.

To realize the value of one year:Ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize the value of nine months:Ask a mother who gave birth to a >stillborn.

To realize the value of one month:Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of one week:Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To >realize the value of one minute:Ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize the value of one-second:Ask a person who has survived an accident.

To realize the value of a friend or family member:LOSE ONE.
Time waits for no one.>Treasure every moment you have.
You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special.


I did not know His love before, the way I know it now.I could not see my
need for Him, my pride would not allow.
I had it all, without a care, the "Self-sufficient" lie.My path was smooth,
my sea was still, not a cloud was in my sky.
I thought I knew His love for me, I thought I'd seen His grace,I thought I
did not need to grow, I thought I'd found my place.
But then the way grew rough and dark, the storm clouds quickly rolled;The
waves began to rock my ship, my anchor would not hold.
The ship that I had built myself was made of foolish pride.It fell apart
and left me bare, with nowhere else to hide.
I had no strength or faith to face the trials that lay ahead,And so I
simply prayed to Him and bowed my weary head.
His loving arms enveloped me, and then He helped me stand.He said, "You
still must face this storm, but I will hold your hand."
So through the dark and lonely night He guided me through pain.I could not
see the light of day or when the storm might wane.
Yet through the aches and endless tears, my faith began to grow.I could not
see it at the time, but my light began to glow.
I saw the Father’s love in brand new light, His grace and mercy, too.For
only when all self was gone could Jesus’ love shine through.
It was not easy in the storm, I sometimes wondered, "Why?"At times I
thought, "I can't go on." I'd hurt, and doubt, and cry.
But Jesus never left my side, He guided me each day.Through pain and
strife, through fire and flood, He helped me all the way.
And now I see as never before how great His love can be.How in my weakness
He is strong, how Jesus cares for me!
He worked it all out for my good, although the way was rough.He only sent
what I could bear, and then He cried, "Enough!"
He raised His hand and said, "Be still!" He made the storm clouds cease.He
opened up the gates of joy and flooded me with peace.
I saw His face now clearer still, I felt His presence strong,I found anew
His faithfulness, He never did me wrong.
Now I know more storms will come, but only for my good,For pain and tears
have helped me grow as naught else ever could.
I still have so much more to learn as Jesus works in me;If in the storm
I'll love Him more, that's where I want to be!

The Pathway of Pain
If my days were untroubled and my heart always light,
would I seek that fair land where there is no night?
If I never grew weary with the weight of my load,
would I search for the Lord’s peace at the end of the road?
>If I never knew sickness and never felt pain,
would I search for a hand to help and sustain?
If I walked without sorrow and lived without loss,
would my soul seek solace at the foot of the Cross?
If all I desired was mine day by day,
would I kneel before Father and earnestly pray?
If God sent no winter to freeze me with fear,
would I yearn for the warmth of spring every year?
I ask myself these questions, and the answer is plain,
If my life were pleasure, and I never knew pain--
I'd seek Adonai less often, and need Him much less,
For God is sought more often in times of distress.
And no one knows Yahweh or sees Him as plain
As those who have met Him on the pathway of pain.
~ Author Unknown ~

The Shepherd and the Lamb
The Shepherd loved His little lamb, And gave it His tender care...
And followed it with His loving eyes As it wandered here and there.
And as He sat by His grazing flock Who so meekly His voice obeyed, He
pondered sadly His little lamb As again and again it strayed.
The little lamb had a loving heart, And adored His Shepherd, true, But
would turn aside and seek his own way As lambs will so often do.
With His gentle voice the Shepherd called, To His loved and straying lamb,
"Come back, little one, for you are not safe Unless you are where I am."
But still the lamb would soon forget And unthinkingly wander away, And not
really noticing what he did, From the Shepherd's side would stray.
Until one day, the Shepherd kind Took His rod in His gentle hand, And what
He then did seemed so cruel That the lamb could not understand.
For with one sharp and well-aimed blow Down the rod so swiftly came That it
broke the leg of the little lamb And left it crippled, and lame.
Then the little lamb, with a cry of pain, Fell down upon his knees... And
looked up at his Shepherd, as though to say, "Won't you explain this,
Then he saw the love in the Shepherd's eyes As the tears ran down His face,
As He tenderly set the broken bone, And bound it back in it's place.
Now he was utterly helpless, He could not even stand! He must trust himself
completely To his Shepherd's loving hand.
Then day by day, 'till the lamb was healed From the flock he was kept
apart... And carried about in the Shepherd's arms, And cradled near to His
And the Shepherd would whisper gentle words Into his now listening ear...
Thus he heard sweet words of love That the other sheep could not hear.
He felt the warmth of the Shepherd's arms And the beat of His faithful
heart... Until it came a blessing to seem, By his weakness to be set apart.
Every need of the little lamb By his Shepherd so fully was met That through
his brokenness he learned What he never again would forget.
And as the broken bone was healed, And once more became whole and strong...
Wherever the Shepherd's path would lead, The lamb would follow along.
Thus at the Shepherd's side he walked So closely, day by day, For once a
lamb has a broken leg It will never again go astray.
For the cords of love had bound it so In its hour of weakness and need...
That it had no desire to wander away, When once again it was freed.
Could it be you are broken today, And you cannot understand The painful
blow of the Shepherd's rod Nor believe it came from His hand?
He only seeks, by this painful thing, For a time to call you apart... To
cradle you close in His loving arms, And draw you near to His heart.
So look up into your Shepherd's eyes, And earnestly seek His face... And
prove in the hour of your weakness and need The sufficiency of His grace.
For as you are borne in His loving arms, And carried there, day by day...
He will bind you so close with the cords of His love That never again will you stray!

The Eagle Story

Someone once told me a story about a wounded eagle who was rescued by a kindly farmer. He found the bird in one of his fields, and so took him home, tended to his wounds, and then placed him outside in the barnyard to recover.Strangely enough, the young eaglet soon adapted to the habits of all the barnyard chickens. He learned to walk and cluck like them. He learned to drink from a trough and peck the dirt for food, and for many years he peacefully resigned himself to this new life on the ground.But then one day, one of the farmer’s friends spotted the eagle and asked, "Why in the world is that bird acting like a chicken?" The farmer told him what had happened, yet the man could hardly accept the situation."It’s just not right," said the friend. "The Creator made that bird to soar in the heavens, not scavenge in the barnyard!" So he picked up the unsuspecting eagle, climbed onto a nearby fence post, and tossed him into the air. But the confused bird just fell back to earth and scurried off in search of his feathered friends.
Undaunted, the man then grabbed the eagle and climbed to the top of the barn. As he heaved him off the roof, the bird made a few halfhearted squawks and flaps before falling into a bale of hay. After shaking his head a few times, the eagle then made himself comfortable and began mindlessly pecking at pieces of straw.The friend went home that night dejected, and could barely sleep as he >remembered the sight of those powerful talons caked with barnyard mud. He couldn’t bear the thought, so the very next day, he headed back to the farm for another try. This time he carried the eagle to the top of a nearby mountain where the sky unfolded in a limitless horizon.He looked into the eagle’s eyes and cried out, "Don’t you understand? You weren’t made to live like a chicken! Why would you want to stay down here when you were born for the sky?" As the man held the confused bird aloft, he made sure the eagle was facing into the brilliant light of the setting sun. Then he powerfully heaved the bird into the sky, and this time the eagle opened his wings, looked at the sun, caught the updraft rising from the valley, and disappeared into the clouds of heaven.Do you know that we, too, were born for the sky? The Lord has called us to live in the heights, yet too many of us have huddled together in the barnyard, contentedly scurrying for the safety of our families, our finances, our careers and our comfortable crumbs of faith.Are you one of those believers whose barnyards have been destroyed, or are you one of the faithful ones who have walked, or are now walking, in darkness. The hour is late, beloved friends. It is not time to mourn our losses, but rather time to set our eyes upon heaven, spread our wings and fly straight towards the Son.Never mind weariness, illness, lack of feeling, irritability, exhaustion, snares of the devil, jealousy and prejudice. Let us soar together, like an eagle above the clouds, with our eyes fixed on the Son. This is why the eagle is such a perfect example of this freedom. An eagle is the only bird that has a special third-eye-lens that enables him to look at and fly directly towards the sun and thus, frees him from his enemies as they try to follow. No other bird has this ability. And, it’s the same with us. Only as we keep our eyes focused directly on the Son during our ascent to Him, will we ever become free--free from our emotions, free from our circumstances, free from other people’s responses and free from the enemy’s attacks.Having faith in the night seasons is the only answer to possessing this overcoming victory.

Thank you for the valley I walked through today.The darker the valley, the
more I learned to pray.
I found you where the lilies are, Blooming by the way, And I thank you for
the valley I walked through today.
Thank you for every hill I climbed.For every time the sun didn't shine.
Thank you for every lonely night.I prayed 'til I knew everything was all
Life can't be all sunshine. All the flowers would die.The rivers would be
deserts, all barren and dry.
Life can't be all blessings or, there'd be no need to pray.So I thank you
for the valley I walked through today.
Thank you for every hill I climbed.For every time the sun didn't shine.
Thank you for every lonely night.I prayed 'til I knew everything was all
Thank you for the valley I walked through today
~ Author unknown ~

Sometimes life seems hard to bear, Full of sorrow, trouble and woe. It's then
I have to remember That it's in the valleys I grow.
If I always stayed on the mountain top And never experienced pain,I would
never appreciate the Father’s love And would be living in vain.
I have so much to learn And my growth is very slow,Sometimes I need the
mountain tops, But it's in the valleys I grow.
I do not always understand Why things happen as they do,But I am very sure
of one thing: The Lord will see me through.
My little valleys are nothing When I picture Jesus on the crossHe went
through the valley of death; His victory was Satan's loss.
Forgive me Lord, for complaining When I'm feeling so very low.Just give me
a gentle reminder That it's in the valleys I grow.
Continue to strengthen me, Father, And use my life each dayTo share your
love with others And help them find their way.
Thank you for valleys, Lord, For this one thing I knowThe mountain tops are
glorious But it's in the valleys I grow!
Author: Jane Eggleston

Show me Thy Ways!

Show me Thy Ways!
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