Saturday, August 4, 2007

Modesty-A State of Mind!

Modesty is a part of our life! Or at least it should be. When the girl is young, she is told by her mother, to sit in the right way, to not attract attention to herself, and not to laugh too loud. She is dressed in a frilly dress, and her hair is in ribbons, and she is to be a lady. Well, most of the time, we see our brothers do things that are more fun, and we want to do them too.

Modesty is more then just clothes, it is a state of mind!Do you think that a young man would want you,if you were wearing the clothing of a whore? The spaghetti strap shirts, and low rider jeans, what kind of message do they send? I have gotten a lot of weird looks from people, when they see me, wearing regular jeans, or a skirt, and a tee shirt,with nothing dirogatory on it. Also, the way I carry myself, they notice that too. What do people say to you, when you walk into a store, or how do they look at you? Someone commented on my hair, and how nice it was, and asked me how I fix it. I just brush it out. My hair is naturally curly, wavy!

Dark eye shadow. That sends a message too! I would not wear dark eye shadow, unless it was for my husband, someday. Dark eye shadow, is sensual! I preferr the blues, lavenders, and pinks, for my eyeshadows. I use light foundation, to evenly color my skin. I have so many sunspots, and blotches.:) The makeup sends a message too. If I was going to really wear it, for glamoure, I would not let anyone see me, for fear they would get the wrong message. I want my man to love me for who I am, not for what I look like!

Modesty is not calling attention to yourself. It is a selfish most unmaiden like thing to do! But also, do not be so consciencious that you hide in a corner, in the dark. How is the young man going to see your spirit, if you hide it all the time! Do not be forward, but do not hide! THere is a happy medium here. Stand there quietly, and wait until you are spoken too! Especially if there is a young man in the company, who you really like!

I need to know is there anything else I need to cover, please let me know!

I have met a family that skis in skirts. They are brave. The one time I did it, I did it with a skirt, and it didn't work out so well. I didn't know how to ski either!:) Modesty is not just about our dress, it is about the way we are protrayed by others, and to others. If you wear jeans, and have a meek and quiet spirit, you are modest. The only reason why so many of us think that jeans are immodest, is the conduct that is displayed when girls wear them!I have nothing against jeans. I wear them once in a while when I am working in the garden, or walking the neighborhood(I have to,because we have wind here, and a skirt would be embarrasing if it flew up, in the wind)Well, modesty is a state of mind, not just dress!

Anyway, there is my two cents worth!

Perennial Pioneer

Laura H
(photo) My little sister Hannah, wearing a dress I had just sized down, and redid!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Amazing Grace On DVD! Coming Soon!

I must make myself clear. The film is being released in the UK, on August 6th. They are not sure when they will be releasing it to the USA, but here is a banner from the official website!The film will be coming, but they are not sure when. I will keep you informed, when the release date for the Movie arrives!

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