Friday, September 14, 2007

A prayer request from a fellow sister in Christ!

Dear friends,

A friend of mine, I will not say who, just wrote me and told me to pray for a family who just lost their mother. I am asking you to lift up your voices to Heaven, as you put them in prayer, to God and Jesus!


Here is what she wrote me:

Six children are without a mother tonight, and a man without his beloved wife. My dear friend, Beverly, only 46, went to Heaven this morning after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She was believing for a miracle, and truly she received the Ultimate Healing. Her last prayer request before she slipped into a deep sleep was that she would be singing, and leaping, and praising God really soon. Wow, how God honored that one! We have no doubt that she is doing just that right now!
However, her family is beyond devastated. She home-schooled the children up until about a month ago. I still have e-mails in my inbox from her from just a short time ago. I'm still not able to fully grasp that I will not see her again on this earth.
They had moved away a few years ago, but she requested to be buried here at "home". The next few days will be extremely difficult and emotional. I don't know if I can bear to look into the faces of her little children. I'm afraid I will fall apart right there in front of them. Please pray for all of us who loved her. Thanks so much.

Let us lift up our voices to Heaven for Beverly's family, as they experience this tragic loss!

Perennial Pioneer

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Support Mike Huckabee!

Everyone, I would like you to consider Mike Huckabee as our next Commander in Chief. I think that he is the best candidate so far! Here is the link to his site, so that you can get more details!

Please look into this!

Laura H

Here is my brother's blog, where he has been promoting Huckabee, and other candidates!

Show me Thy Ways!

Show me Thy Ways!
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