Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Many Changes!

Hello all! Just wanted to keep you all up to date, as to what I have been doing, since my last post!

3 weeks ago, I got a job working for a dairy farmer and his family. I am currently living at home with my family, not yet moved out, as I have no car, and the dairy is right down the road, within walking distance. It is hard work, and I am grateful to have the work!

I decided to stay home with my parents at present, until I can get a car or a vehicle so that I can ride to town and back.

I covet your prayers, as I get tired easily, and my back hurts. I am losing weight, and losing inches off of my hips and waist, as well as building muscles. I like it, especially when I walk to work.

Keep you up to date, soon as possible!

In Christ,
Perennial Pioneer

1 comment:

Donna said...

Hope your back feels better soon. Maybe there are some specific exercises you can do for your back?

You used to have on your blog the song "Be Thou My Vision" played on the piano (via Sonific). It was a beautiful version. Who was the pianist? Thanks.

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Show me Thy Ways!
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