Thursday, September 3, 2009

Many More Changes!

Since last I wrote, I have bought a converted Schwinn Cruiser, wrecked it, rebuilt it, and is now in the process of selling it. I am looking for a good car, and am willing to trade it!

I also am still working at the Dairy, and I am getting stronger, and more confident!

I spend most of my time on FaceBook, where I communicate with friends, and family! I will be getting on here, from time to time, while I have a computer!

My life has changed quite a bit! I now am a free thinking, heretical christian girl. I have a belief that we are now seated in the heavenly places in Christ, that works do not save you, and that Revelation applies to the Distruction of Jerusalem! There, now you know why I am a heretic! Hallelujah! I don't care!

I will write more later!
In Christ,
Perennial Pioneer

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Show me Thy Ways!
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